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Welcome to The Soul Led Success® Podcast, the place where you'll find Gemma's dulcet tones sharing insider tips for growing and scaling online, industry trends, what’s working, what isn’t, and powerful conversations that will stop you in your tracks and make you think about how you show up online.

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Thrilled she's back

Love that Gemma's sharing her experience and insight's again in these power packed, easy to digest episodes. I'm finding them perfect for making me think and check in with myself to create a truly aligned and ethical business. 

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Gemma is a legend

Gemma has such a refreshing approach to the coaching industry.  You can really feel safe in her hands due to her ethics and values and her depth and breadth of experience! I've loved the first few episodes and can't wait for more!

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Simply Fabulous

Gemma has a wonderful ability. to cut through the noise in the online space and just say it as it is. She is a ray of light in a dark online world. Grab your notebook and be prepared to write notes as you are inspired after listening to this. If the online world leaves you feeling a bit "icky" then Scale With Soul is for you.

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This speaks to my soul

Loving this new podcast by the amazing Gemma. Went. Short but sweet episodes give heaps of info in bite-sized chunks. Just know it's gonna be one of my faves. Highly recommend #scalewithsoul.

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Authentic, raw and honest

What I love about Gemma is that she's relatable, authentic, honest and raw. If you're looking for a no nonsense, straight talking, passionate and authentic coach to listen and learn from then this is the podcast for you.

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Feels like a hug

Loving Gemma's new podcast full of incredible insight and support. Her voice sounds like silk and it's so calming too! Like getting a warm hug! Highly recommend.

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