The CPD Accredited, gold-standard business incubator and mentoring experience, intentionally designed to help you build, grow and scale to multi-six-figures and elevate every part of yourself and your business as you step into next level revenue, authority and fulfilment.

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You’ve reached the initial goals you set for your business…


Maybe you’re in your second or third year, consistently receiving 2k-5k revenue each month, with a fully-booked diary.

Maybe you’ve already made the move away from a booked solid 1:1 model, and
reliably receive 5k-10k every month for your proven programmes in your specialist niche.

Or perhaps you’ve established yourself as a well-known authority in your space, who is well on the way to a healthy multi-6-figure year revenue goal with your gifts transforming many lives and businesses.

Now you're ready for the next phase of growth.

How would it feel to... 


Be widely known for at least one scaleable offer that delivers enviable results to your clients and predictable revenue every month to you, reaching your next revenue target of reliable 5k-50k months and the salary you need to create those things you've had on your planner for the last few years?


Step into a one:many or many:many business model that takes the pressure off and gives you more time for those things you love, breaking through your revenue ceilings with the healthy profits you dream of?


Have a soul-led evergreen marketing and sales system bringing aligned clients into your world daily on repeat in the most effortless and joyful way, elevating yourself as a globally known force for good, spreading abundance consciously to many?


Have the kind of security in your business that comes from strong foundations made up of structure, systems and team running the back-end like clockwork?


Feel safe to step into and hold your next level of wealth as you've mastered your inner game through mindset, energetics and nervous system work?


Because Elevate Collective gives you everything you need to get you where you want to go, and a lot more.


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... are an online business owner with a few years under your belt, and things aren't how you thought they'd be. You’ve hit a certain level of success and you thought when you got here, things would be easier, free'er somehow. 


But although a lot is better, you have a different set of challenges to deal with now. You dream of that elusive day when you’re able to enjoy more freedom, time, revenue, profit, salary and, well, life.

Money flows to you but by the time you’ve paid your expenses there is little left over for you and it feels like reaching your next level of revenue will come with a side dish of burnout if you cannot stem the profit leakages.


You know you’re good enough to play a bigger game in your business, you feel it in your soul, it's your destiny.


But you're exhausted from trying new strategies that don’t pan out as you expected, you’re unable to hand over autonomy to your team and you’re constantly fire-fighting because your back end process is all over the place with no systems or structure to hold you.

At every level of success, new foundational elements must be put in place BEFORE you can safely ascend.


Most coaches won't tell you this because it isn’t pretty. It’s not because they’re being deliberately deceptive.


The fact is, most coaches have glossed over this ugly truth themselves, so they don't possess the tools to stabilise their own ship either.


You know you could take things to the next level. You want to double, triple [and more] your revenue, profit and salary. You want to build a reliable and responsible team so you can work less and do those bucket list things you always feel too busy for.  


You want harmony, happiness and health with a business that supports that.

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Inside Elevate Collective, you will build bold offers, grow with a scalable sales system, and sustainably elevate, as your revenue, profits and income soar, held firm while you step into your next level calling.

Hey, if we haven’t met, I’m Gemma

Founder of The Lighthouse®, The Conscious Consultant Certification®, The Conscious Energy Clearing Method® and Elevate Collective®.

I’m a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Strategist, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach, with over 24 years of experience, over a decade of that working with some of the biggest global brands.

I blend corporate, brand and agency experience with all I’ve learned from scaling two of my own businesses to create tried and tested frameworks that help my clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures.

All of this I've infused into Elevate Collective, our high-value, high-touch program and mastermind hybrid for soul-led coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs looking to scale a simple, sustainable, evergreen business to multi-six figures, their way.

Hey, if we haven’t met, I’m Gemma


Founder of The Lighthouse®, The Conscious Consultant Certification® and Elevate Collective®.
I’m a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Strategist, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach, with over 22 years of experience, over a decade of that working with some of the biggest global brands.
I blend corporate, brand and agency experience with all I’ve learned from scaling two of my own businesses to create tried and tested frameworks that help my clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures.
All of this I've infused into Elevate Collective, our high-value, high-touch program and mastermind hybrid for soul-led coaches, consultants, experts and entrepreneurs looking to scale a simple, sustainable, evergreen business to multi-six figures, their way.

This Is A Mentorship Like No Other.

Elevate Collective is a carefully curated experience that gives you a customisable business journey driven by your unique desires, needs and vision.

One that gives you exactly what you need to grow then scale sustainably so you don't have to invest in another course, coach, program or mastermind while you're with us.

Because, unlike any other program in the industry which only teaches ONE of the two essentials to scale, Elevate Collective shows you how to create BOTH: 

❶ The capacity - emotionally, mentally and physically - to hold space so that you can grow and scale in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and personalised.


❷ The non-negotiable strategic foundations
 that hold your business firm as you expand; enabling the consistency, reliability and security you crave.

You’ll be supported...

by our expert team to...


 Fully step into your power so you can grow your business in a way that owns your unique genius; is aligned to your core truths, and builds unshakeable self belief as you infuse an elevated version of you into new positioning, messaging and offers.

 Create (or optimise) a high-value, evergreen signature program that helps you scale to multi-six or seven figures creating deliciously reliable monthly recurring revenue so you can finally release the anxiety of rollercoaster cash flow moments.

 Create a soul aligned, evergreen marketing and sales system that attracts ideal clients on autopilot, without the need for exhausting launches. 

 Be the must-have choice for your ideal clients who buy from you over and over again because of the  powerful experiences you built that help you stand out from your peers and improve your retention. 

 Create more space in your schedule for your biggest pleasures in life, because you have  the structure, systems and support that runs your business without you having to be at your desk. 

Of course this is reliant on you showing up and doing the work inside, but we'll help you with that.

You'll have me and a powerful team of expert mentors and coaches to hold you as you move through the resistance that comes with growth.

“From mentor hopping, to THE ONE! Working with Gemma has been powerful to my personal and business growth. Every aspect of my business is THRIVING. Her team and the Elevate community is amazing. I finally feel I have a mentor I trust and a community of powerhouses. I especially love Ascension, the 90 day reviews and Gemma’s group mentoring sessions. Kelly
“Best decision I've made so far! The support is like no other, and you get all the guidance you need to grow and scale. It's helped me to let go of a few streams that don't serve me and to clarify and work on my signature evergreen offer. The energy and connection is so beautiful, it genuinely is like being home. I feel safe to be me and the depth of guidance is EVERYTHING.” Awena

Why Elevate Collective Is So Unique.

This program leverages the unique Scale with Soul Method®, an industry leading approach that helps you expand your business to serve unlimited clients without it costing you more time, money or fulfilment when you do.

The Scale with Soul Method® is a powerful synergy of four focus pillars essential to sustainable business success.

Within each is a set of powerful projects that will give you all you need to move forward within that pillar.

Each project, each training, each template helps you to create inevitable success foundations® that will hold you as you scale, without having to increase resources or expenses as you do. 

For Those Who Need ALL The Tea...

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn 
From Our Four Core Pillars:


The key to enjoying the freedom of a sustainable business is knowing how to create recurring revenue streams that give you precious time back.

In this pillar you’ll learn how to optimise an existing offer or create a new one based on our signature evergreen model that helps escalate your revenue to predictable 10k, 20k or 50k+ months in as little as 6 months, get to grips with your business numbers and create scalable sales with a sales machine that aligns with you.


Want an industry-leading program that clients rave about to others? 
It all comes down to knowing how to create deeply powerful client experiences that  increase retention and solid-gold testimonials that sell your program for you whilst minimising cancellations and refund requests. 

Inside this pillar you will understand how to use experience design to immediately improve the quality of your offers, build out a team that ensures your clients are looked after and create scalable operations that will hold you firm no matter what is thrown your way.


To fill your evergreen offer and create clients on repeat, you need a fully aligned evergreen marketing and sales system.

Our much loved system doesn’t crow-bar you into ill fitting funnels you hate. Instead we help you build out your foundational marketing system based on the activities you love. This can then run and run, attracting, engaging, nurturing and converting, on repeat. 

We also show you how to ramp up your marketing with webinars and workshops, affiliate systems and experience funnels.


Your greatest point of difference in a noisy online world is knowing how to embody your mastery as the lust-have expert in your field.

In this pillar you’ll discover how to fully step into your power with a blend of high performance habits, energetics, subconscious rewiring and next level authority and identity.

We do this by helping you pull out that unique positioning, create a signature approach and elevate your authority.

“If you're looking at this, do it .. you won't regret it!  My business and branding are more aligned and more beautifully me than ever before, and  I've stripped away offers that were clogging up the system and swallowing my time.” It's a breath of fresh air that's helped me deconstruct all the shoulds I was holding on to from working with previous coaches, and build myself a beautiful palace around my unique skills and abilities rather than feeling I had to fit into a pigeonhole. Abi
I was in a business mess before, I had money coming in but there was no room, clarity or alignment to expand it. Now, it's taken some work but I feel more aligned and confident than ever, I have run my first beta group which is a massive step up from my 1:1 stuckness and pointing me in the direction I want to go, I have systems and structures in place, it won't be long before I start hitting those £10k months!” Gareth 

Here's What’s Inside:


We have a range of support that meets you where you are.

We don't believe in overwhelming you with things you don't need for the level you're at.

So you move through your Elevate Collective experience only using the elements that YOU need, when YOU need them.

Following one of three pathways that give you what you need at your level.

Here's the full details of what's available across our three pathways.

Create The Space To Grow

With Our Business Simplification And Schedule Redesign Tool

[Value £500]

We focus on removing those things that don’t support your growth. As soon as you join you have access to our Business Simplification Tool. With this you can identify those areas you can remove, to free up time for you to dedicate to your growth inside of Elevate Collective

Once that’s done, you move to the schedule redesign, where we show you how to optimise your time and redesign your calendar so it supports you, not the other way around.

Get A Bespoke Growth Plan 

From Your Breakthrough Session with me

[Value £1,000]

The first step to growing or scaling is knowing what will shift the needle in your business.  Which is why, in the first 2 weeks of joining, you’ll access a 1-1 kick-off call with me personally.  

In the space of ninety minutes, I’ll show you where the biggest gaps and opportunities are to scale in your business right now; as well as which unnecessary activities you can ditch that you may have missed in our Business Simplification tool so you can free up space to scale without burnout.  

You’ll leave with a laser-focussed roadmap to start taking action straight away, so you can get going on the right project pathway for your level.

PLUS I've added in a 30 day cash injection plan for those who need it, to help you improve cashflow from the get-go.

"The 1:1 session with Gemma alone changed everything for me - having that expert knowledge on my business that sets me on the right path before I even start on the training within Elevate Collective, means everything."

*Not included on The Establish Pathway.

Hit The Ground Runnning

With TWO Powerful Dashboards.


Start as you mean to go on with our powerful selling process for people who hate selling. Shift into power positioning that's magnetic to your dream client, follow our social selling process 'THE CONTENT FLOW' to sell daily, convert through the DMs or calls and and track all leads with our tracker.



In Elevate Collective we go the extra mile to ensure you’ll never second-guess what to focus on and when. To help keep you accountable, you’ll access a personal dashboard to track your key metrics which means at a glance you’ll know how you’re doing, and we’ll know if we need to step in to help you. 

Accountability is essential and our structure means there’s no way you will invest in this experience and then be left to your own devices.

Also inside the dashboard is a handy audit tool where you can see exactly which of our projects or training you need depending on your specific needs, allowing you to create a bespoke journey that suits you and your business model, and ensures you never waste time on activities that don’t.

Unlock Your Establish, Grow or Scale Pathway 

And implement your priority projects

[Value £5,000]

Inside of our Scale with Soul Method, we have three pathways: 

ESTABLISH: For those looking to reach recurring 5k months.

GROW: For those looking to reach recurring 10k months.

SCALE: For those looking to reach recurring 50k+ months.

In each of those pathways are our power projects that help you to achieve each goal within the Four Pillars of our Scale With Soul Method®.

The Establish Pathway Projects.

The Grow Pathway Projects.

The Scale Pathway Projects.

Not all clients complete all projects as they don’t need to. Instead we create a bespoke journey with only the most relevant projects you need to reach your goals.

And in case you’re wondering, NO - this is not just a library of every training I’ve ever done [#lazy].  It’s not filled with fluff, broad concepts or theories like other programs, leaving you to fill in the gaps alone. This is an expertly designed suite of business building projects for you to plug in depending on what you need. 

Hint - you won’t find a ton of pretty pdfs or swoony high-luxe imagery to distract you because in Elevate Collective we focus on delivery and results.  

Access The Study + Template Library

For all those extra things you need, when you need them. 

[Value £2,000]

Need a crash course in Youtube? You’ve got it.  Total newbie at Facebook Ads? We have you covered. Need to SEO the hell out of your website? It’s in here. Need a meditation to reset? Come sit down!

Unlike so many other online courses and programs where you’re often left wondering, “But how do I do that part?” we have every imaginable action, implementation and execution step covered in our Study. Inside this exclusive vault are over 50 additional training resources that you can plug into as and when you need them. 

Need a template?

Then our Template Library will light you up. We give you pretty much every template you need, from a work with me page, to graphics templates, to client experience templates.

*Not included on The Establish Pathway.

I Know What You're Thinking...

“But, Gemma, I’ve joined programs before, got lost in the content and didn’t finish it…”


In Elevate Collective that’s simply not an option. Not only will you get the one to one breakthrough session from Gemma, giving you an immediate, customised blueprint to follow, but you’ll also access:

High Level Mentoring

Join me each month for mentoring sessions to help you fully embody your evolution and spot any blind spots that need attention.

[Value £6,000]

Each pathway has mentoring sessions with me each month with conversations aligned with your level of growth. Come and get your burning business questions answered and tap into the behind-the-scenes insights of how others are growing and scaling their businesses.  

Weekly Accountability + 1:1 Support

From Kerrie And Our Unique System That Guarantees Results

[Value £6,000]

Implementation and integration is key, so you get access to Group and  1-1 accountability support with Kerrie - our success mentor every.single.week! 

Kerrie has worked with me for years and is now a permanent member of our team. She knows my frameworks inside out after graduating from the first cohort of my Conscious Consultant Certification and is absolutely fantastic at supporting clients to navigate their growth journey.  


Get 1:1 coaching and mentoring with Kerrie on Telegram every Wednesday between 10-11.30am, and again from 3-4.30pm, in a privatee channel where you'll both use your Success Dashboard as a project planner to keep you on track for your goals.

*Not included on The Establish Pathway.


Each Monday you all meet with Kerrie as a group to share what you will complete that week and anything that might hold you up, so you get support on how to navigate that.

30 & 90 Day Reviews

To Reflect, Release, Retain, Reset

[Value £2,000]

Kerrie runs the 30 day reviews and guides you through the planning sheet in your success dashboard using our Four R’s Method: Review, Release, Retain, Reset, ensuring you’re on target to reach  your goals and uplevelling every single month.

Then I run the 90 Day Upgrade where I invite you to go inwards with powerful exercises, before taking you through the Four R’s Method for the quarter, learning what you need to learn from the past quarter and taking that forward as you plan the next.

Weekly Copy Reviews By Lola

Get it when you need it most.

[Value £2,000]

With all the will (and swipe files) in the world, sometimes writing your copy just needs another pair of expert eyes on it! Our incredible expert Lola runs weekly copy reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays so you can submit your copy every single week, and get Lola’s review within just 24 hours, ensuring zero hold ups in your creative process.  Lola is the queen of turning words into wealth and stories into sales. What really sets her apart is her expertise in storytelling, and in these copy clinics she’ll show you exactly how to craft your experience and expertise into powerful story-based copy that opens people’s hearts (and wallets).

Weekly Nervous System Sessions with Jo

For essential recalibration and integration as you elevate.

[Value £2,000]

We all know it takes more than strategy to create the rise to the next level, which is why in Elevate Collective you’ll also access weekly nervous system sessions to help you expand your physical and emotional capacity to receive and sell more in your business.  

Jo is a trauma-informed psychotherapist and Nervous System Health and Relational Neuroscience coach. She combines 30 years of working creatively and therapeutically with people to offer deep insights and wisdom into how your body and brain are operating.

 In this powerful group session, Jo will share a new nervous system technique with you each week that you can take away and use at home.

If this phenomenal support from me and my team throughout your time with us wasn’t enough...

You’ll also access the power of leveraging the unique and incredible Elevate Collective community

[Value Priceless]

You’ll access a safe, supportive and inspiring space for daily connection with like-minded leaders, sharing your journey and supporting you as you scale, as you do the same for them.


“Just want to thank Gemma, the team and everyone on here for creating such a safe space for us all to be in.  I genuinely feel like it's a lil home where I can just be, connect, learn, grow, show up, ask for help and support, offer support.... and to be authentically in the space I'm in.

So thank you. I appreciate you all and love this warm cozy and inspiring space”

Say goodbye to overwhelm, confusion and second-guessing your next business move.

We support you personally to create a tailored Elevate Collective journey that works
with you, allowing this experience to blend with your life rather than leaving you constantly in catch up mode.

“If you're looking for support with no hustle and hassle but will still get you the results, this is probably for you. There is a lot of value here. Not just practical knowledge and guidance, but Gemma goes out of her way to support you. There's a brilliant mixture of 'get it done', (and a lot to do!), but I never feel anything is a chore, or is difficult. The community is one of the 'safest spaces' I've been in.” Karen

If you’re thinking you don’t get access to me as I have a team, you do! 

I'm active in the Facebook Group every day with team, responding to questions, gathering information, offering support and guidance. 

I also run the 90 Day Upgrade Sessions and run mentoring sessions each month for both pathways.

You really can't get rid of me, I'm obsessed with this group!

“I love the amount of access we have in the mentoring calls and feeling that Gemma knows my business. My list is growing as I now have a better lead generation system. I'm giving Masterclasses and I'm very focused on creating lust have offers that are right for now. I love the integrity and heart - that sits in the centre of this business focused program.” Nicola

Worried you won’t be able to fit it all in with your current schedule? Worry not. 

From day one you have access to our business simplification and schedule redesign tools to free up space and lock in the time you need to dedicate to your business growth inside of Elevate Collective.

"Elevate Collective is the warmest, most genuine group that I have found online. Gemma attracts the most wonderful people and I'm encouraged and inspired by them daily. As well as the community the mentoring, training and resources are so helpful in keeping us moving forward and growing our businesses. Gemma doesn't just deliver, she surprises and delights us with so much more than we expected when we joined." Kate

"It' a game changer. The projects, study and weekly sessions give you everything you need to grow your business in a sustainable way, whilst giving you access to an incredible community of likeminded people. Gemma is an incredible mentor and someone I trust implicitly, her and her team provide so much value and support. The mentoring calls with Gemma are a must and I always feel seen, supported, and like I have an incredible team walking alongside me. Gemma is a mentor who truly embodies integrity, she is a true leader in an industry that needs a shake up. She is incredibly fun to work with whilst also helping you to grow or scale. Her warmth, experience and energy instantly puts you at ease." Carolyn

"It’s a very worthwhile investment, the level of support is unparalleled and the community is amazing. I’ve really enjoyed it, particularly my sessions with Gemma as I signed get her knowledge and eyes on my business, but having the other sessions available is brilliant. It's helped me to clarity my ICA, honed my message and the hypnotherapy has been fundamental. I’m massively levelling up and I know it’s because of Elevate." Emma

PLUS you could get your hands on these incredible bonuses* valued at a total £4,500

To help you amplify your authority to a wider audience as you Scale with Soul.

Bonus #1
For Establish, Grow + Scale

An all-access pass to Ascension, my powerful inner game program.  

Value £1,000

You cannot scale sustainably without doing the inner work.

True ascension needs mind, body and soul onboard.

And that’s why I’m including this business-changing, life-changing bonus when you join. This experience heals at the subconscious, energetic and nervous system levels, while you do the work inside Elevate Collective to scale to the next level.

Ascension combines subconscious reprogramming to rewire the negative narratives that hold you back; energy editing to clear stuck emotions in your system your growth; nervous system exercises to help you recalibrate and supportive embodiment practices to help you get out of your way.

This is the ultimate in BEING and DOING.

"Since starting the program and doing the work my business has exponentially grown. This month I had my first ever 25k month! I totally put this down to the amazing deep work in Ascension." Lesley
"I love Ascension as it gives a fantastic framework for you to personalise your mindset work each month. The combination of fixed elements but which change in focus each month really keeps it fresh and dynamic." Jenny

Bonus #2

For Grow + Scale

Elevate Your Authority As A Speaker At Our Elevate Summit 

Value £2,500

As a member of Elevate Collective you’ll have the incredible opportunity to speak at our Elevate Summit as a lust-have industry expert in front of over 500 attendees.  

Your brand will also get exposure to an audience of over 20,000 as part of this promotion, plus you’ll access the recording of your talk to add to your speaker reel. We’ll even provide an intensive training to get you stage-ready so you can wow the crowd!  

Bonus #3

For Grow + Scale

Get Exposed To An Audience of 20k In Our Experts Directory 

Value £500

Get added to our Expert Directory by adding an extensive bio, guest expert topics and a link.

This is a powerful way to get in front of a new audience and generate new leads.

Bonus #4

For Grow + Scale

Get A VIP Invite To Our Elevate Collective Annual Event

Value £500

Each year the members of Elevate Collective come together for a two day, in person event to connect with our team and the fellow members and learn the latest trends that will spark ideas and add rocket fuel to your scaling journey.

You’ll leave refreshed, reconnected and excited about the next stage of your business

Ready To Elevate? 

Here’s a recap of what’s included

[how much depends on your chosen pathway]:  

  • Business Simplification Tool [Value £500]
  • Success Dashboard [Value £900]
  • Soul Led Sales Dashboard [Value £900] 
  • 1:1 Business Breakthrough with Gemma [Value £1,000]
  • Multi-Level Scale with Soul Projects [Value £4,000]
  • The Study + Template Library [Value £2,000]
  • Monthly Group Mentoring with Gemma [Value £6,000]
  • Weekly Group + 1:1 Accountability with Kerrie [Value £6,000]
  • 30 + 90 Day Reviews [Value £2,000]
  • Ongoing Copy Reviews with Lola [Value £2,000]
  • Weekly Nervous System Regulation with Jo [Value £2,000]
  • Members Only Private Facebook Group Mastermind [Priceless]

Total Value: £27,300

Plus the incredible Bonuses.

For Establish, Grow + Scale:

  • Bonus #1 All Access Pass to Ascension [Value £1,000] 

For Grow + Scale:

  • Bonus #2 Speak at our Annual Summit [Value £2,500]
  • Bonus #3 Feature in or Expert Directory [Value 500]
  • Bonus #4 VIP Ticket to our Live Annual Event [Value £500]

Total Value with Bonuses: Over £30k 

You can get started today for as little as £250!

Our handy matrix below shows you what you get at each pathway level, making it accessible for all.

Each pathway package is a minimum 12 month commitment, then you move to a rolling monthly contract for as long as you'd like to stay.

Our overall goal is to get you to the revenue level you need to feel fulfilled in your business and life, while prioritising harmony, happiness and health. 

Here's The Full Pathway Run Down.


Now: ~2k months
Goal: 5k+ months

 ex vat

Goes up to £300/month on 1st March

Business Simplification Tool 

Success Dashboard

Soul Led Sales Dashboard

Establish Projects

Private Facebook Group 

Copy Reviews with Lola 

Nervous System Sessions with Jo

1x Monthly Mentoring with Gemma

Weekly Group session with Kerrie

30 + 90 Day Reviews

Bonus #1 Ascension


Now: 5k+ months
Goal: 10k+ months


Goes up to £600/month on 1st March

Business Simplification Tool 

Success Dashboard

Soul Led Sales Dashboard

Grow + Scale Projects

Private Facebook Group 

Copy Reviews with Lola 

Nervous System Sessions with Jo

2x Monthly Mentoring with Gemma

Weekly Group session with Kerrie

30 + 90 Day Reviews

1:1 Breakthrough with Gemma 

Weekly + 1:1 support with Kerrie

The Study + Template Library 

Bonus #1 Ascension

Bonus #2 Speak At The Summit 

Bonus #3 Expert Directory 

Bonus #4 Ticket to our Event 


Now: 10-20k months
Goal: 50k months


Goes up to £600/month on 1st March

Business Simplification Tool 

Success Dashboard

Soul Led Sales Dashboard

Grow + Scale Projects

Private Facebook Group 

Copy Reviews with Lola 

Nervous System Sessions with Jo

2x Monthly Mentoring with Gemma

Weekly Group session with Kerrie

30 + 90 Day Reviews

1:1 Breakthrough with Gemma 

Weekly + 1:1 support with Kerrie

The Study + Template Library 

Bonus #1 Ascension

Bonus #2 Speak At The Summit 

Bonus #3 Expert Directory 

Bonus #4 Ticket to our Event 

Pay In Full Before 29th February For Even More Bonuses!


Grow + Scale Clients get this already, but we wanted to open it up to our new Establish Clients.


Join us at an in person mastermind at The Wood Norton with your fellow powerhouses.







When you consider our 6 month 1:1 packages range from £12k to £30k and our one day immersives are £5k, this is a powerful way to get access to high-level mentorship at a fraction of the price.


How does Elevate Collective compare to other masterminds and programs?

Well, it doesn’t 😁

What’s more, Elevate Collective is CPD accredited...

...which means it's stamped 'fit for purpose'.


Got A Q?
Allow me...

I know first hand how scary it can be to invest

If you have any questions before you apply, hit the live chat and either I or my team will reach out to you.

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