How To Consistently Create Minimum 20k Months

Without Burning The Candle At Both Ends, Selling Your Integrity To The Highest Bidder Or Giving Up Your First Born.


The 20k Month Roadmap



"Gemma brings all of the wisdom, experience and tried and true methods together in a simple, clear and impactful punch in this book! For anyone wanting to step away from the noise of entrepreneurship and popularity contests to build a solid, sustainable and profitable business on their own terms, this is your must manual!" 
Shari Teigman

"Gemma is the OG of online business strategy that feels good and actually works. This epic resource is a window into her extremely smart brain and will show you how simple it can be to create the recurring revenue you want. Gemma covers it ALL because she knows it ALL. If you're looking to grow your business (which of course you are) get this book today."
Suzi Gray

"Gemma doesn't hold anything back when you work with her, and the same goes for this little pocket-rocket of a book. It includes all the tools and strategies you need for getting those £20K months (which I know she teaches inside her paid programs). Gemma's online business strategies are absolute gold and all you've got to do is read this book, and implement them!"
Cate Butler Ross

Get Instant Access to the 20k Month Roadmap eBook - Your Ready-to-Follow Route to 20k Recurring Months and a Business you LOVE!


This nothing-left-out eBook breaks down every piece of the 7 pillars in the 20k Roadmap, ready for you to install into your business and follow the fastest route that will take your pre-20k revenue month business to consistent recurring multi 6-figure years and beyond, while elevating you and your business on every level.

This ebook will help you to:

  • Take the fastest, most direct route to your reliable and recurring 20k month revenue destination because you know the core priorities to focus on at each level of online business growth, pedal to the metal past the shiny object exits that would otherwise send you off into distraction detours.

  • Stop self-sabotaging every time you hit a new success milestone and safely reach the results you desire because our energetics upgrades will increase your capacity to calmly receive and hold your overflow of clients and cash.

  • Bring new ideal clients into your business consistently because you've installed our soul-led evergreen sales and marketing system that lead dream, ready-to-move clients into your lust-after offers.

  • Increase your client retention and client happiness because you understand how to deliver high-level client experiences with a top-tier admin and associate team who your clients adore.

  • Be all over your numbers like a pro-CEO because you know how to track and manage the right systems and financial KPIs that will keep your business booming on the back end and enable you to scale and grow without sacrificing your reputation. 


"If you're starting, feel stuck or want to grow your business, then this ebook is for you. I say ebook, as it is the best business book I think I’ve read. Gemma takes you on a journey through each step to build your business. Most books have left me feeling overwhelmed, but after reading this I feel I have a guidebook to hand and that it is ALL possible. Thankyou!"
Amber Doughty

"Gemma sets out a path that you can journey along and you will meet that goal at the end. This is not an instruction manual - Gemma maintains integrity and authenticity throughout, acknowledging that each business is unique, and reminding you to check in to see which elements feel most aligned to your personal and business values."
Lexi Thurston

"Gemma is an expert in her field, which is clearly evidenced throughout the book. I wish I had had access to this information when I started my business journey, as the roadmap Gemma provides really does allow a business owner to be guided through the processes they need to have in place, to great a business that really works for them."
Lesley Thomas

Ready to create a soul-aligned business capable of generating consistent 20k months with a business you love?


Every milestone, every step is explained throughout the ebook, with insights, trainings and resources I give to my paying clients. Why? Because I want this knowledge to be accessible to all.


Hey, if we haven’t met, I’m Gemma

Founder of The Lighthouse®, The Conscious Consultant Certification®, The Conscious Energy Clearing Method® and Elevate Collective®.

I’m a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Strategist, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach, with over 24 years of experience, over a decade of that working with some of the biggest global brands.

I blend corporate, brand and agency experience with all I’ve learned from scaling two of my own businesses to create tried and tested frameworks that help my clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures.

What I bring to the table that's different to my peers is the unique blend of strategy, energetics and mastery tried and tested over 11 years in this online world.

That's 24 years and over 2000 clients worth of experience in one 5'2" body and an adhd fuelled brain.


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