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Unlocking Your Hidden Revenue



 A consistent flow of clients

 Recurring growth over time

 Multi-six-figures and beyond

 Without adding more to your business

1pm GMT 7th December

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Let me guess...


You already have an online business that's doing okay.

But you have your eyes on MORE.

More freedom, more revenue, more salary, more fulfilment.

You know that to achieve this you need to make that business of yours scalable, and therein lies the challenge.

You know how to do what you're doing now. You know it inside out.

But you don't know what you need to do differently to get "there". That elusive place others talk about where it's all just ... easier, simpler, more consistent.

But the GREAT news is, the difference between where you are now and the 'MORE' that you crave, is exactly what I'll be sharing inside of this masterclass ... without 'actually' adding more.

You see most of you have hidden revenue in your business, just waiting to be released, and I'm going to show you how.

And it has has nothing to do with being on social 24/7[hurrah!], creating trendy reels that make you want to scratch your eyes out, or making offers that don't align with your soul.



In this FREE, 60 minute masterclass, I will share:


  • How to map out the path to your consistent multi-six figure business and where YOUR sweet spot for growth lies. 

  • How to unlock the hidden revenue opportunities in your business that are literally waiting to be found [you'll be face-palming when you find these].
  • One simple tweak you can make right now to bring in more consistent clients that lead to lovely recurring growth

  • Revealed: The four things that all successful, scalable, sustainable businesses have and how to plug the gaps that you're missing.

  • How to make business boosting changes whilst still delivering an exquisite service for your clients without burning you out in the process.

  • PLUS, stay until the end to get a chance to book a one to one scaling audit with our team valued at £500.


If you...


Are an established online business owner, coach, consultant or expert who wants to reach six or multi-six figures in your business.

Would love to scale with more freedom, revenue, salary and fulfilment, without doing more.

Would love to retain your integrity, joy and sanity in the process.

Then this Is Your Next Move.

Hey, if we haven’t met, I’m Gemma

Founder of The Lighthouse®, The Conscious Consultant Certification® and Elevate Collective®.

I’m a multi-award winning Online Business Mentor, Strategist, Energy Practitioner and Certified Mindset Coach, with over 22 years of experience, over a decade of that working with some of the biggest global brands.

I blend corporate, brand and agency experience with all I’ve learned from scaling two of my own businesses to create tried and tested frameworks that help my clients get to six, multi-six and seven figures with a business that lights them up whilst enjoying a personal life full of ease and fulfilment. 

I know this can often feel out of reach for so many, which is why I've created this FREE masterclass to help you.

Curious to Unlock Your Hidden Revenue?


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