The Nervous System and Trauma Informed Practitioner Certification


The key to thriving... in our autonomic nervous system and how this interacts with the rest of our biology. When we understand and listen to the body first we can access our full vitality.

If you're a coach, consultant, mentor, strategist or similar, supporting others either in the online space and/or face to face, this is essential for you, and your clients.

In this certification, you will learn the latest information on trauma and stress and how this turns up in our clients' behaviours, beliefs and health via their autonomic nervous system, and how best to work with this to move them from surviving to thriving.

It synthesises the most effective  'top down' mind information with 'body up' somatic awareness to build a solid foundation to your own work.

This is the course I wished I’d had when I started out as a practitioner 30 years ago!


Hi, I'm Jo Grace.

Resident Nervous System Coach at the Lighthouse and the creator of RegulationWiseTM
My soul mission is to help people understand and move in flow with their astounding biology, as they become the person they're designed to be. 

You want to access the full brilliance of your mind and unlock the expansiveness of your energy, right?

Well, the key to this is in your BODY.

Our body is our foundation and when we experience stress or trauma at any level, we operate in surviving modes - those limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours and physical and emotional challenges.

This certification combines a rich lifetime of lived and learnt experience as a Play Therapist, Yoga and Movement Teacher, Performer, Group Process Facilitator, Somatic Psychotherapist, Nervous System Health Coach and Trauma Informed Trainer. 

I have three Post Graduate qualifications in Play Therapy, Emotional Education and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy as well as extensive training with leading nervous system and trauma teachers, including Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Steve Hoskinson, Janina Fisher, Sarah Peyton and Kimberly Ann Johnson. I am a member of BACP, EATA and UKATA.

This is soul empowerment through nervous system regulation to help more people be more regulated, more of the time.

This certification supports practitioners, coaches, therapists, healers and consultants to work from an informed, embodied and empowered nervous system and trauma awareness foundation. It gives them the tools to do that for their clients, helping them to access the brilliance of their minds and unlock the expansiveness of their energy. 

Our body is our foundation and when we experience stress or trauma at any level, we operate in survival modes with limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours, physical and emotional challenges that stop us from thriving. 

The key to thriving is in the autonomic nervous system and how this interacts with the rest of our biology. When we understand and listen to the body first, we can access our full vitality.

This training and certification will synthesise the most effective ‘top-down’ mind information with ‘body up’ somatic awareness to build a solid foundation for your work to support you to work confidently with your clients’ challenges; that may include anxiety, procrastination, limiting beliefs and resistance. It will also support you to be more regulated and in flow, increasing your capacity to support and expand.

The 12 Week RegulationWiseTM Certification includes:

Receive and Resource

Learn the latest information on our biology and nervous system, delivered in an accessible and applicable way to your life and your clients.

Become trauma informed, understanding the difference to stress, how it shows up in different ways, how to work with it and when to refer on.

Respond and Regulate

Practice daily somatic (body) based exercises to support both your own skills and confidence with clients, but also to build greater responsiveness and regulation in your own body.

Embody coaching and therapeutic techniques that build greater trust and safety in your sessions

Resilience and Results

Build better, healthier and more successful relationships through understanding your own nervous system states in relation to your clients.

Integrate your own unique brilliance with the knowledge and skills to deepen your practice and improve your results on every level.

Your results will improve on all levels, including:


  • You will have an overview of the Autonomic Nervous System, the different states through the Polyvagal Lens and how to expand your client’s capacity to receive and regulate.
  • You will understand the four cornerstones of Nervous System Regulation and how to strengthen these.
  • You will know the importance of the Reparative Relationship and how to create stability and trust to help clients find safety and support when feeling challenged.
  • You'll have a greater understanding of what Trauma is, how to work with it and when to refer on.
  • You'll understand attachment and neurodevelopment and their role in creating nervous system dysregulation.
  • You'll understand the Coherent (aka regulated) brain, relational neuroscience and ‘parts work’ to support clients in understanding and changing their limiting beliefs, behaviours, and feelings.
  • You'll know the importance of emotions, their role in regulation and how to work safely and effectively with them.

If you work with clients in the online space, this is one of the most powerful tools you'll have at your disposal.


The 12-week curriculum is split into:

Immersive Training
Experiential Practice
Assessment and Certification

Each day, you will be journaling and using breath, body and brain exercises from our B-Wise practices, which means that you'll go on a wonderful healing journey yourself. Because of this there is a minimum time commitment of 4-6 hours a week.

Once the first round is complete we will apply for accreditation with two accreditation bodies. You will have this backdated so you will have the same accreditation.

These skills essential to everybody working in this space, and it's our mission to train and qualify as many as we can.


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