As·​cen·​sion | \ ə-ˈsen(t)-shən
the action of rising to a higher level.


It's time to rise.
It's time to soar.
It's time to ascend.

This is a call to arms.

To my fellow soul led humans.

The ones with big dreams and a hunger to reach them.

But something keeps getting in the way.

Sabotage? Perhaps.

Resistance? Probably. 

You keep falling for those inner stories that make you shrink.

You keep brushing up against that plateau that keeps you small.

All the while knowing if you could just get past it, you will fly.

Well, my love, it's time to fly and create that six, multi-six, seven figure business you dream of.

It's time to Ascend.


The thing is, most of us think it's the strategy that creates the rise to the next level.

What I've learnt is that it's so much more

True ascension needs to have mind, body and soul onboard.

Otherwise we resist it.

True ascension needs change and healing at a deep level.

But change like this takes time.

We all process and heal at different speeds.

For some it's rapid, for others not so much.

I wanted to create a container that allows for that.

An experience that heals at the subconscious and energetic levels.

One that works on your timeline.

If it's time to make this your breakthrough year, this is for you.

Whatever the breakthrough means to you.

You may already be an established coach, consultant, mentor, online business owner. 

But at your core, you're a conscious changemaker meant for so much more.

You may be on your way to six, multi-six or seven figures in your business.

You just wish you could stop taking two steps forwards, and one step back.

You just wish you could handle those new challenges in a much more self supportive way.

You just wish you could remove that niggling doubt that drags you back.

And you can.

You just need to heal those old wounds that are creating a filter across your life, affecting every thought and every choice you make.

I want to help you do that.



A six month journey that combines subconscious reprogramming, energy editing, nervous system recalibration and embodiment practices to remove those things that stand in your way and make this your breakthrough year.

Each month we focus on one specific theme that's holding you back from the breakthrough you crave.

A theme that I've seen come up again and gain in my clients.

A theme that I've had to face myself.

For each theme we blend a range of healing modalities to work at different levels across the month.

We go further than mindset and the subconscious with this.

We work with mind, body and soul, because those things that hold us back don't just live in the subconscious, they live in our energy system, they live in our body.

This is why mindset work alone doesn't always work.

We have one live session with me each month where I will help you clear what's stuck at an energetic level using my bespoke Energy Editing Method: The Expansion Codes.

The other modalities will be recorded and placed in our private portal for you to use throughout the month, with clear guidance on what to use and when.

Each month building on the last, healing, clearing building an unshakable sense of self, creating the belief that you can safely achieve those big audacious goals and the confidence for you to step fully into the full version of you.

I provide all you need.

You commit to doing the much needed inner work.


Our Monthly Themes


Opening Up
To Abundance 


Creating An
Indestructible Inner Self 


Clearing Money
Blocks + Plateaus


Removing Shame
+ Judgement


Breaking Through
The Visibility Barrier


Stepping Into Your
Next Level Authority

How It Works 

We only open up one month at a time and you will enter the next month and theme on the 1st of the next month.

This ensures you get the full effect, otherwise if you start part way through the month you'll miss out on our live Energy Editing Session for this month, and a whole host of other important things.

You will have access to an onboarding module where we've shared some of the rituals and activities to get you started.

Then the 1st of the month our main training portal will open up with a new set of classes, exercises and rituals for you to use to work through that month's theme and heal those things that hold you back. You will have clear instructions on what you need to do and when as you move through the month.

You have a live group session with me, using my bespoke Energy Clearing Method: The Expansion Codes to clear those things that block you at an energetic level. We will also have a live coaching session afterwards for extra support. And if you can't attend this, the replay will be made available 24 hours after the call.



The Modalities We Use


Using my bespoke method we come together in a live group session and work with your energy system to remove stuck, stagnant energy specific to that monthly theme.


Reprogram your limiting beliefs by playing my powerful hypnotherapy audio daily to support the monthly theme and the Energy Editing work we do for that month. 

Freedom Technique

Get new EFT videos each month based on the theme and plug them in when you need extra support throughout the month.

Nervous System
Recalibrate your nervous system with a new exercise each month to help you move from fight, flight, freeze or fawn.


You'll be given a set of rituals to select from that feel good to embody the deep, transformative work at a conscious level. 

Full + New Moon

Harness the moon energy as you move through each month with powerful moon rituals.


Use our somatic exercises to support your nervous system and  body to help your healing at all levels.


Get extra support for whatever comes up for you as you journey through each month by selecting a meditation or visualisation that aligns with your needs.


Why do you need this now?


Because no matter how much success you've had,
something is holding you back.

You might have tried the quick fixes.

You might have tried a few of these modalities.

But you haven't tried them together, not like this. 

Our approach takes care of mind, body and soul. 

Beautifully packaged up into bite sized, immersive experiences you can do at home, while you continue to run, and grow, your business.

And when you need help, you can bring your questions to our monthly live session with me.


The result of this powerful inner work? 

If you commit to showing up, doing the work every single month, you can expect to:

Build rock-solid self worth and self trust so that you can tackle any obstacle this online world throws at you, trusting your inner wisdom as you make powerful, aligned decisions.

Infuse joy and abundance into your life, to allow the good stuff you dream of, in. So many of us don't feel worthy of joy or abundance, I want to change that.

Move through those money plateaus, as you clear your money stories around deservability and build your capacity to receive, readying yourself for those big money goals.

Put a stop to sabotaging and upper limit behaviour that keeps putting the brakes on your success.

Remove shame and judgement as you step into a more compassionate way of being.

Get comfortable with your special gifts, that you might not know or trust yet.

Heal those fears of getting visible and selling, as you step out with unshakeable confidence.

Create authority as you step into the expert you are and claim your mission with pride.


But more than anything, I want to help you ensure every part of your mind, body and soul feels safe about reaching that big bold goal of yours. Because if every part of you isn't onboard, it won't happen.



How do I know this?
Because I WAS this?


I've been held back by most of those things up there, and I've worked out what works.

I got so far in my business, then everything ground to a halt. I wanted to achieve more, I believed I could achieve more, but parts of me didn't feel safe going for those goals. So I sabotaged and resisted as my inner protector stepped in.

I've been doing the inner work to heal those parts that felt unsafe, I've moved through my plateaus with compassion and grace, and now I'm here to help you do it too.

Can I guarantee you will achieve all of those results?

No, nobody can. Because it's down to you to show up, do the work and keep going, even when every part of your being resists it.

This is about you taking full responsibility for yourself, just as I had to.

But when you do this work, you'll reap magical rewards and results you probably aren't even letting yourself dream about right now.

I've created the container to hold you as you do that.

This is exactly what I wish I'd had years ago.

"Since starting the program and doing the work my business has exponentially grown. This month I had my first ever 25k month! I totally put this down to the amazing deep work in Ascension."
Lesley Calvo

"I love Ascension as it gives a fantastic framework for you to personalise your mindset work each month. The combination of fixed elements but which change in focus each month really keeps it fresh and dynamic."
Jenny Guyat

"I love how Ascension is a concurrent mindset reprogramming - going alongside my business building, somewhere to come to when I hit a block and need to shift my energy."
Nicola Foster

"I've definitely levelled up my energy and mindset which I put a massive chunk of this down to the work I've done in Ascension. This has recently brought me my highest earning month ever and I'm focused for more."
Gareth Willett

Are you ready?


Here's a reminder of what you get each month:

Live Energy Editing Session
Value £500
Subconscious Reprogramming
Value £200
Nervous System Recalibration
Value £200
EFT Videos
Value £100
Daily Embodiment Rituals
Value £100
Full + New Moon Rituals
Value £100
Somatic Exercises
Meditation Library
Full Monthly Value: £1400



£250/month for 4 months

[ex vat]





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